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lindsay lohan i*challenge

.lindsay lohan icon challenge.
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hi everyone! I'm ashley and I am running llchallenge. anyone is welcome to participate just please follow the rules listed below:

1) only one icon submission per week.
2) please only use the picture I give you (unless it is an open challenge)
3) there will be NO tolerance for people who copy others work.
4) text does not have to be legible.

to submit an icon, make a new post with your entry, INCLUDING the icon itself, the image link, AND text if there is any.

entries should be submitted monday through friday. voting will take place saturday and sunday. and the winners will be shown sunday night along with the new challenge.

the moderator is smashley88 for any of your questions or concerns.

have a good time and good luck :D

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if you'd like to be affiliates please contact me through this community and not my personal journal.
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