SMASHLEY! (smashley88) wrote in llchallenge,

hey everyone!

it's been a WEIRD month for me. I actually haven't even checked livejournal in the time that I've been away from this community, which is really a surprise because I used to read it religiously...
I'm sorry you guys had to resort to other things, I really wanted to make this community the best, which it still could be. the truth is, I've slowly gotten out of icon making (which you can see) and as I'd like to work myself slowly back into it, I'd really like to have some time that I can spend just purely working on my icons.
I'll be here guys, and this journal WILL be starting back up relatively quickly. just give me a couple more weeks or so to get used to balancing all this out again and I'll bring this baby back!

thanks for understanding --
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